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Saturday, July 15, 2006



Lindsey and Samuel Porter should have been safe with their father. They weren't. His hatred for his estranged wife outweighed any love he had for his children.

On 5 June, 2004, Daniel Porter picked up 8-year-old Lindsey and 7-year-old Sam for what was to be a weekend visit. Daniel spent that evening tormenting his wife, Tina, with multiple threatening messages. He told her that she would never see the children again. He meant it.

Daniel's lawyer has said that his client hid the children to save them from their mother's abuse. Daniel himself, however, has repeatedly stated that he made the children disappear in order to hurt Tina.

No one knows what happened to Lindsey and Sam. Daniel has made numerous conflicting statements. He has said that he killed them. He has said that they are safe and living with another loving family. He has said they were sold to a kiddie porn ring.

Daniel is currently in prison serving sentences for kidnapping and weapons charges. He was promised leniency if he gave any truthful information regarding what happened to his children, but he has chosen to not cooperate.

Lindsey and Sam disappeared from Independence, Missouri.

Lindsay was born 13 July 1995.
She has brown hair and blue eyes.
She was 4' tall and 80 lbs. when last seen.

Sam was born 27 August 1996.
He has brown hair and blue eyes.
He was 3'6" and 70 lbs when last seen.

Please contact the Independence Police Department at 1-816-836-3600 if you have any information.

You may also contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST).



On Tuesday, 24 January 2006, Roy Vavra had plans to go hunting with a friend. When the friend arrived at Roy's place that morning, he found a note saying that Roy had gone out and would be back by 11 a.m. But Roy never did come back.

Roy's roommate saw him at 6 a.m. at their Gillette, Wyoming residence that morning. Roy was next seen at 11:30 a.m. at a convenience store about two miles from his home. At that time Roy was a passenger in a white truck being driven by an unknown blond male approximately in his thirties. That is the last known siting of Roy.

Roy left behind his wallet and his vehicle. There is every indication that he fully intended to be home by 11 a.m. as his note stated.

Roy is 38 years old and was born 6 September 1967.
He is 6' tall and weighs 190 lbs.
He has blue eyes.
He has brown hair but is beginning to go bald.

When last seen, he was wearing a grey sweatshirt, jeans, western boots and a black cowboy hat. He also had on a silver belt buckle with writing on it.

If you have any information about Roy Vavra, please contact the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at (307) 682-7271.

Monday, July 10, 2006



Sixteen-year-old Betty Woodruff has been missing since Friday.

Betty is a resident of The Children's Home of Detroit located in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan. Staff members say that she has recently been talking about suicide. At this point, though, there is no clear information on whether she hurt herself, ran away or was a victim of foul play.

Betty has braided black hair and black eyes.
She is 5'3" and weighs 180 lbs.
She has a lazy left eye and is also blind in that eye.

She was last seen at 7 p.m. on 7 July 2006. At that time she was wearing a red t-shirt, black pants and white sneakers.

If you have any information about Betty please call the Grosse Pointe Woods Police Department at 313-343-2400.

Sunday, July 09, 2006



Sha'myla Ford, known as Myla, has been designated an Endangered Runaway.

She vanished on 7 July 2005, almost exactly a year ago, from Fresno, California. However, she may still be in that general area.

Myla was born 17 July 1989, so she will turn 17 later this month.

She is 5'6" and weighs about 180 lbs.

If you know anything about Myla's wellbeing or whereabouts, please contact the Fresno Police Department at (559) 621-2455.

Thursday, July 06, 2006



Anthonette Cayedito was kidnapped from her Gallup, New Mexico home in the early morning hours of 6 April 1986.

Anthonette's sister witnessed the abduction. There was a knock at the door at 3 a.m. and Anthonette, in her red nightgown, opened the door. A man grabbed the nine-year-old and forcibly dragged her from from her home and into a dark colored car. It is believed that a Hispanic male and a black male, both approximately in their late twenties, were the kidnappers.

Police believe that Anthonette was targeted and that the kidnapping was well planned. They also believe that she was taken out of state immediately.

Anthonette, born 25 December 1976, was 4'7 and 55 lbs. when last seen.

She is of Italian and Navaho descent. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Distinguishing marks include a mole on her right cheek near her nose and a scar on her lip.

The picture below shows what she might look like today.

If you have information about Anthonette, please contact:

Gallup Police Department
(New Mexico)
Missing Persons Unit

Tuesday, July 04, 2006



Tommy Bowman has been missing for a very long time. It will be fifty years in 2007.

On 23 March 1957, 8-year-old Tommy was hiking with his family in Arroyo Seco Canyon, in Altadena, California. Near the end of the hike, Tommy ran ahead toward the family vehicle. By the time the rest of the family arrived, the boy was nowhere to be found.

Thorough searches of the area proved unsuccessful, but some information was forthcoming. A week after Tommy's disappearance, his parents received a letter purporting to be from a man who had taken him. The letter said that Tommy was okay. A short time after that, a letter to a local newspaper said that Tommy had been taken to Oklahoma.

Despite these potential leads, Tommy was never found.

Tommy was born on 6 January 1948.
He had blond hair and brown eyes.
He was 4' and 50 lbs. when last seen.

Age progression gives us an idea what Thomas Eldon Bowman might look like today at the age of 58.

If you have any information about Tommy Bowman, please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office at 323-526-5541.



The top photograph of Reachelle Smith was taken just a few days before she disappeared in May of this year.

Reachelle's life seems to have been one of limited stability. She was born three years ago to Samantha Smith, but was immediately turned over to the custodial care of Samantha's sister Stephanie Smith. Stephanie's live-in boyfriend, Leigh Cowen, claimed at times to be Reachelle's biological father, but DNA testing has proved otherwise.

Some time this May, Stephanie woke to find Reachelle missing. Leigh told his girlfriend not to worry because he had driven the child to his mother's home to spend a few days. Although Reachelle's essential asthma inhaler had been left behind, Stephanie made no contact with Leigh's mother.

Four or five days later, when both Leigh and the family van also disappeared, police were contacted. They found Leigh's body in the van at Upper Souris Wildlife Refuge. He had committed suicide.

Reachelle, however, remains missing.

Reachelle Marie Smith was born 10 September 2002.
She is about 3'6" and weighs about 40 pounds.
She has brown eyes and long brown hair.
She went missing from Minot, North Dakota.

Minot Police can be reached at 701-852-0111. The FBI is offering a reward for information about this case.



These pictures of Bianca Elaine Lebron were taken when she was ten, the same year she disappeared.

That was on 7 November 2001. On that morning, the fifth-grader told classmates that she was going shopping with an uncle. This was not true -- she has no uncle.

Bianca left the school property before classes started. It is believed that she got into a van with a Hispanic male driver who appeared to be in his twenties.

Bianca's family did not realize she was missing until that evening when she failed to return home.

This is a picture of how Bianca might look now.

Bianca was born 26 June 1991.

She was last seen at Elias Howe School in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

At that time, she was 4'11" and weighed 115 lbs.

She has brown hair and hazel eyes. She also has a small birthmark on her forehead.

Please contact the Bridgeport Police Department at 203-576-7671 or 203-332-5533 if you have any information about Bianca.

Monday, July 03, 2006



"Tweety and C.J."

On 6 November 2005, 19-year-old Anquiatte Parker was babysitting her 4-year-old cousin Cerman Lamont Toney, Jr. in East Saint Louis, Illinois. "Tweety" and "C.J.", as they were nicknamed, left the home of a family member with plans to visit a friend in nearby Collinsville. That is the last time they were seen.

Three days later, Tweety's car was found abandoned in Fairmont City. There was no sign of the missing cousins. Foul play is suspected.

Anquiatte Parker was born 17 February 1986. She is 5'3" and weighs about 140 lbs. She was seven months pregnant at the time she disappeared. Her baby was due 15 January 2006.

Cerman Toney was born 24 August 2001. He was 3' and 30 lbs. when last seen. He wore his hair in cornrows.

Tweety and C.J. are loved and missed.

Please contact The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 if you have any information.



The pretty girl with the happy smile is Rachel Marie Mellon. If she's alive she will turn 24 in October. If...

She was last seen by her stepfather at their home in Bolingbrook, Illinois, a town about 30 miles west of Chicago. That was on 31 January 1996 when Rachel was 13.

The stepfather has been a "person of interest" in her disappearance, but no charges have ever been filed. It is also possible that she was abducted.

Family members and police tend to believe that Rachel was the victim of a homicide but her body has never been found. In January of this year, family and friends held a memorial service for Rachel.

However, this is still an open case. Anyone with information about what happened to Rachel or where she might be now, please call:
Bolingbrook Police Department Missing Persons at 630-226-0600

Rachel was 5' tall and 80 lbs. when she disappeared. She has hazel eyes and black hair and is partially of Asian descent.


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